A different approach …

Repossession, bankruptcy, charge-off, collections, foreclosure, no credit history or other credit challenges may prevent you from getting a loan for your next car, truck or van.  Many lenders often look at you as a credit score.  Maine Auto Credit takes a completely different approach … we want to hear your story and find the best way to help.   



Maine Auto Credit understands the past can’t be rewritten, our goal is to help you work on your future.  Building good credit takes time and effort.  We’re committed to assisting our customers through the entire process, from our very first contact all the way to stamping your finance agreement “Paid in Full”! 



Maine Auto Credit treats our customers in a fair, respectful and understanding manner while reporting the results of the customers’ efforts to the major credit reporting agencies each and every month.  Maine Auto Credit continually strives to find solutions … we want to be a part of our customers’ success.  Take the first step now!