We’ve got answers …  

Q:  I’ve had a bankruptcy/repossession/divorce/charge-off … are you really going to approve my finance request?

A:  We’ve built our reputation by helping people with credit problems obtain financing for their transportation needs.  Our specialty is finding a way to say “YES”!

Q:  How long will it take my credit request to be approved?

A:  Our goal is 1 hour or less!  In most cases, our customers are driving their new vehicle the very same day.  When you visit Lee Credit Express you can speed up the process by bringing your valid Maine Driver’s license, your most recent pay stub or proof of income and proof of physical residence.

Q:  Is there a minimum down payment requirement?

A:  We’ve approved finance requests with NO money down!  We recommend at least 10% down … let’s face it, the less you finance, the less you’ll pay in finance charges and the sooner your account will be Paid in Full!  Put down as much as you comfortably are able … you’ll qualify for a stronger approval and you’ll only finance what you absolutely need to.

Q:  Why worry about my credit … can’t I just get a credit repair company to “fix” it?

A:  Truth is no one can fix your credit related problems except YOU!  Maine Auto Credit will help you get back on track … but it really is up to you.  Building good credit takes time and effort.  We’ll help you keep your account current, we’ll treat you with respect and we’ll report the results of your efforts to the credit reporting agencies each and every month.

Q:  Okay, how can I find out what’s in my credit report?

A:  We recommend http://www.annualcreditreport.com/.  It’s quick, easy, and secure … you can request your credit report online, by phone or through the mail.  You may request a free report once every 12 months from each of the consumer credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

Q:  I’m having mechanical problems with my vehicle … what should I do?

A:  Phone a friend … a friend at Lee Credit Express, that is!  Call Annemarie Heath, Lee Credit Express Service Contract Representative at 1-866-864-9893.  Annemarie understands the importance of getting you back behind the wheel as quickly as possible. Annemarie understands vehicle warranties, she knows the value and peace of mind that a service contract provides … Annemarie is the very best at keeping our customers’ vehicles on the road.